Tyson Fury on Stipe Miocic’s challenge to a boxing match

Tyson Fury has lately been hinting at  dipping his gloves into the world of MMA. He has stated that at some point he’d like to compete in the UFC. To top that off Tyson made a lot of noise over the weekend when footage appeared of Fury, heavyweight boxing champion, training MMA techniques with Darren Till. This footage, coupled with the Fury’s statements about being serious about MMA, instigated a flood of callouts from many notable UFC fighters in his potential division. Most notably a call out from the UFC Heavyweight Champion himself, Stipe Miocic, who stated he would not…

Injury Prevention in Grappling Sports

By Dr. Trent Nessler As a physical therapists, injury prevention specialist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner (5 1/2 years), I am often asked to evaluate fighters, consult with practitioners on rehab with fighters and help design injury prevention programs for clubs or fighters.  This has become such a common theme that I am currently in the process of developing a 2 day medical continuing education course on treating the grappling athlete.  I see there is a huge need for this kind of information for medical professionals. For anyone that has been practicing Jiu Jitsu or practices in the grappling sports…

ADCC Champion Augusto Mendes A United States Citizen

Before the end of 2019 Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes has accomplished another major life goal: Becoming a U.S. citizen! Tanquinho, winner of the ADCC 66kg division this year, announced on Nov. 12 that he had finally acquired his U.S. citizenship. This milestone comes after eight years of Tanquinho living in the country. The process for gaining citizenship in the USA is a long, difficult, and expensive journey so congratulations to you Tanquinho! “I proudly became an American citizen today I came to the US 8 years ago, this country welcomed me so well and with a lot of work I am…

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